Fotoğraf Atölyesi - <strong><font color=#993366><font size=2>Basic Photography Seminar</font></font></strong>
Basic Photography Seminar - 1st Grade

It is essential to have a good start!

To shoot “better” photographs
To explore your own skills by joining photography projects
To take part exhibitions and albums
To meet new places and different cultures by attending photography trips
To let off job stress, to be happy with your hobby by making new friends
Or aiming to be a “professional” photographer, you can take a first step by attending this seminar.




Head Office (Şaşkınbakkal)

Start Date

End Date

Day - Time


Basic Photograpy Seminar - Weekend

September 25, 2010

October 23,  2010

Saturday 15:00-18:00

5 sessions,
2 trips


Head Office (Şaşkınbakkal)

Bağdat Avenue, Noter str. No:32/3 Şaşkınbakkal-Kadıköy / İstanbul



Basic Photography Seminar - 1st  Grade
With 5 - 10 people classes, it includes 5 sessions (15 hours), 2 training trips.

During training trips in İstanbul, we aim to  strengthen your skills by using your own camera and basic photography information learned at sessions.


Registration and Payment
2 installments (World or Bonus)  to your credit cards.
Payments must be done before start date to have a precision registration.
You can purchase package seminars and workshops with advantageous prices.


Seminar and workshops can be attended after finishing this seminar

Basic Photography Seminar - 2nd  Grade

Photoshop Workshop - 1st Grade


Group or Private Lessons
You can purchase the same seminars and worksops at your  office, home or  school as a group or private lessons.

Photography Club and Consultancy
If you wish we can establish your photography club at your office or school, prepare annual programmes including seminars, workshops, trips, contests, exhibitions and shows,  provide club consultancy. 

Our Fine Arts Club

You can attend photography projects, exhibitions and contests, shows and free training trips by becoming a member of our Fine Arts Club.  Also, you can get extra discount for our seminars, workshops, trips and merchants.  During your membership you can have photography consultancy, use our library without extra charge, make shows to our club members


(5 session, 2 training trips)


1. Cameras and Accessories

Ø     A Brief History of Photography

Ø     Cameras

(Types, Formats, Working Systems)

Ø     Vision System and Development of the Photo

Ø     Aperture and Shutter Speed

Ø     Lenses

(Types, Affects, When and which one to use)

Ø     Digital Photography Terms

(Pixel, Noise, File Formats (RAW, JPEG, TIFF)...)

Ø     Focusing Systems

Ø     Holding the Camera

Ø     Development of the Digital Image

Ø     Digital Cameras

(Structure, Sensor, Resolution, Viewfinder, LCD, ISO Speed, White Balance, Drive Modes)

Ø     Filters, Tripods and Other Accessories


2. Light and Color,  Exposure

     Light and Color Information

Ø     Lighting Terms

Ø     Examples from Painting

Ø     Examples from Photography

Ø     Structure of The Light

Ø     Light Sources

Ø     Light Types

(direct, reflecting, homogen)

Ø     Attributes of the Light

(Polarization, direction, color and contrast)

Ø     Usage of the Light

Color Information
- Attributes of the Color

- Color Temperature (Kelvin)

Ø     Usage of Colors


Ø     Exposure

- Aperture

- Shutter Speed

Ø     Equivalency Rule of Exposure and Stop Term

Ø     Light Metering Systems

Ø     ISO Speed

Ø     Camera Exposure Modes

- A/Av : Aperture Priority
- S/Tv : Shutter Speed Priority
- M : Manuel
- P: Program
and others ...

Ø     Exposure Compensation

Ø     Exposure Bracketing


1st Training Trip

(Princess Irelands - on Sunday)

During first training trip in İstanbul, we aim to  strengthen your skills by using your own camera and basic photography information learned at first two sessions.


Our trainers make you take photos at suitable places (is generally decided in advance) and give information related with the shooting. During training trip, our trainers continue to give information about shooting subjects and techniques.


3. Composition

Ø     What is Composition?

Ø     Frame

Ø     Organizing the Elements

Ø     Expression Elements Composing Language of the Photography

(Grain, High Contrast, Multiple Exposure, Sandwiching, Collage, Solarization, Higlight/Shadow Priority Exposure, High Key, Low Key, Midtone, Spot Weighted Midtone)

Ø     Open and Closed Composition

Ø     Center of Attraction

Ø     Subject / Principal Object

Ø     Subordinate Objects

Ø     Visual Elements of the Photography

- Spot

- Texture

- Form

Ø     Elements of  Composition

- Clarity
(Simplicity, Schemas, Rhythm, Harmony, Contrast, Timing, Light, Perspective, Sharpness, Texture, Speed and Movement Effect)

- Unity

- Balance

- Rule of Thirds

- Gravity

- Directions

- Life Factor

- Aesthetic Dose


4. Shooting Techniques

Ø     Shooting at Dim Light Conditions

Ø     Equivalency Rule of Exposure

Ø     Focusing

Ø     Shooting Techniques

Ø     Depth of Field

Ø     Shooting Moving Subjects

Ø     Portrait

Ø     White Balance

Ø     Shooting Architectures

Ø     Filters and Other Accessories

Ø     Flash Usage

Ø     Silhouette

Ø     Multiple Exposure

Ø     Painting wiht the Light


2nd Training Trip

(Üsküdar – Eyüp - on Sunday)

During the second training trip in İstanbul, we aim to  strengthen your skills by using basic photography information learned at sessions. We, also, planned this trip to give “free” time and a chance to show your own style.


During training trip, our trainers continue to give information about shooting subjects and techniques.


5. Evaluation and Introduction to Image Processing

Ø     Evaluation of  Photos

Your photos which is shot during training trips and workshops is evaluated with their technical side and composition by our trainers. It is continued to give information about basic photograpy terms by looking at strong and weak sides of photos.

Ø     Evaluation of Technical Side


Ø     Evaluation of Composition


Ø     Introduction to Digital Image Processing

Transferring Images, EXIF, Backup, Archiving, Editing Terms, Basic Photoshop Applications

Ø     Information About Project Study

Ø     Questions and Answers